Saturday, October 31, 2009

Stars come home: Sam Trammell ( video)

Sam Trammell, Hollywood actor and a West Virginia native, returned home just in time for the Halloween Holiday.

Trammell, a graduate of George Washington High School arrived in Charleston Thursday. He plays Sam Merlotte, a man who can transform into Animals in the HBO hit series “True Blood”.

Trammell visit was in part of the HallowEast week long celebration for local artist. While in Charleston, he stopped by several east end businesses and a local hospital to talk to fans and sign autographs.

Friday, Trammell spent time at the State Capital Culture Center continue his visit with fans and answering questions about the “True Blood” series.

We spoke to Tiffany Nicholson of St. Albans a fan Trammell, “I’m so excited because I’m a big fan of the book an also of the television show, so I’m very excited to meet him an especially since he’s from our area.”

After leaving the Culture Center, Trammell will rapped up his tour with an “Inside the Actors’ Studio” style interview at the Kanawha Player’s Theater.