Saturday, October 31, 2009

True Blood goes to the movies:" Beyond the pole " starring Alexander Skarsgard

Starring:Stephen Mangan, Rhys Thomas, Rosie Cavaliero, Mark Benton, Lars Arentz-Hansen, Alexander Skarsgard, Helen Baxendale, Patrick Baladi, Zoe Telford

Screenplay By:Neil Warhurst, Co-writer David L Williams

Directed By:David L Williams
Produced By:David L Williams and Andrew Curtis

Awards:Spirit Award nomination (Warsaw International Film Festival) World Cinema nomination (Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival)

Plot Outline:A documentary film crew follows the first Carbon Neutral, Vegetarian, Organic expedition to the North Pole. Ever.An arctic comedy/disaster movie Beyond the Pole is Withnail and I on ice, Touching the Void with Laughs.Nobody said saving the planet would be easy...but does it have to be this hard?!
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Rita said...

This looks like it will be a good movie to watch and Alex is in it.

Sharon said...

I don't think it has very much of Alex in it. It looks kind of funny though.