Friday, October 16, 2009

True Blood Church Lady Praying For a Hit

Though she was last seen testifying on TRUE BLOOD as a wannabe Tammy Faye Bakker, Kelli Maroney is best known as the 1980s scream queen who starred in Chopping Mall, Slayground and countless other similarly-titled B-movie thrillers. So maybe it makes sense that she’s now hoping to capitalize on her infamy in that genre with her participation in “Homecoming Queen at the End of the World,” the new Halloween single by one of the few rock bands that’ll leave you rolling on the floor laughing – New Orleans’ humbly named Consortium of Genius (think Dr. Horrible only louder and horrible-er).

“When I got into this business, I wanted to be Meryl Streep,” the Night of the Comet cheerleader — who landed on the cover of People magazine thanks to her role as devilsh drama queen Kimberly on RYAN’S HOPE back in 1980 ” admits to The TV Addict, “but I kept ending up in these campy films! It’s been a comedy of errors. But it’s okay. I’m having way more fun than I was planning on originally. This song was a huge hoot, and it makes me want to do more.”

Which is music to the ears of the C.O.G. “[Her meltdown monologue] really made the song complete,” says the group’s leader, mad scientist Dr. Milo Pinkerton III. “And given our longstanding connection with horror topics and legends [Crescent City freakshow host Morgus the Magnificent contributed to the 2006 track 'Science Fight'], it seemed like a perfect match!”

So do Maroney and The C.O.G. have on their hands the kind of “Monster Mash” that will gain them admittance to The Evil League of Evil? Click here to be transported to iTunes, have a listen — with the lights on, natch! — and judge for yourself!

I wrote about Kelli last year HERE