Friday, October 16, 2009

Vampire popularity blamed on young women wanting to have sex with gay men

From EW and check out that Damon ( from Vampire Diaries) made the photo

has an interesting theory about the success of Twilight, HBO’s True Blood, and The CW’s Vampire Diaries: “Vampires have overwhelmed pop culture because young straight women want to have sex with gay men,” Stephen Marche writes. “Not all young straight women, of course, but many, if not most, of them.” Among his support statements, the following analysis of Twilight’s Edward: “[He's] a sweet, screwed-up high school kid, and at the beginning of his relationship with Bella, she is attracted to him because he is strange, beautiful, and seemingly repulsed by her. This exact scenario happened several times in my high school between straight girls and gay guys who either hadn’t figured out they were gay or were still in the closet.” Had Marche wanted to, he also could’ve pointed out that on True Blood, telepathic Sookie can only be intimate with a man (Vampire Bill) whose lustful thoughts she cannot hear, and on Vampire Diaries, Elena knows that Stefan has been hiding who he truly is, that he’d sworn off women for quite a while, and that he cooks and journals. (Marche could also have mentioned that True Blood’s Eric gets his hair highlighted and enjoys solo candlelight baths, for that matter.)

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Sharon said...

"Sookie can only be intimate with a man (Vampire Bill) whose lustful thoughts she cannot hear". It's not a man's lustful thoughts she doesn't want to hear, its his wandering thoughts on her body and other things. She can't even get close to sex with someone who's wondering if she's a natural blond, like the example in the show. I would hate to know what others are thinking.

As for Eric getting highlights and enjoying a candle lit soak, when you are 1,000 years old you have a different take on everything, I would imagine. And are probably not hung up on homophobic fears like so many men who only have 75 years to mature. And most don't do so before age 70, if then.

So, as I said when the original article was posted. Wanting to have sex with young, gay men - not so much. Give me straight, horny hotties any day!

Rita said...

I am not going to have to say any
thing as Sharon has pretty much has
said it all,i just don't know where
this person comes up with this stuff.

Sandra Tuttle said...

This is an interesting take on vampire popularity for sure. One I haven't thought of. I will say that there is a high prevalence of gay/bi vampires in fiction however. As an author of urban fantasy, with very manly viking vampires, this trend is not common among ALL urban fantasy books. Take Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood, or Kenyon's Dark Hunter series for example--all quite "manly".

What I don't like seeing in this article is the stereotypes of gay men and that apparently straight men aren't allowed to care about their appearance, cook, or be thoughtful. Articles like this just perpetuate gender roles and limit our society.

Shame on you Esquire. Let's try to remember the Civil Rights Movement.

Jasperann said...

Wow what a way to spin a story for your own needs... LOL Is he serious? Eric showing gay traits because he cares about his appearance and likes to relax in a nice environment. Not sure he watches the show. Stephen doesn't act gay on the Vampire Diaries either. He is clearly into her. Sound like the person that wrote this story may have some of their own personal hang ups on the issue. Shame on them for putting them onto everyone else that loves Vampires.