Thursday, October 29, 2009

True Blood Season 3 Episode 1: 'Pack of Wolves ' Casting call and more from Spoiler TV

TRUE BLOOD, Episode 301 "Pack of Wolves"

TOMMY MICKENS: 18 to 25 years old, dirty but good-looking, with a scar on his face from ear to cheek, he is Sam's (Sam Trammell) long lost younger brother who works at a Tire Depot in Arkansas. Tommy's family has a bad reputation for skipping out on their rent and owing money all over town. When Sam approaches him, Tommy hides his identity and claims to be someone else. He's unaware who Sam is. BACKSIDE NUDITY...SERIES REGULAR

  • Backside nudity, eh? That's not a big surprise considering the amazing plenty of risqée nudity Alan Ball has exposed us to in seasons one and two! More shapeshifter man butt! This part will surely reveal even more of Sam's past and personality. Perhaps Sookie book fans will be upset that Alan Ball deviates from the book plot even more here, as Sam does not have a brother in the books.

TALBOT: Male, 20s - 30s. This "intensely beautiful" male vampire has the buff good looks of an underwear model and an acerbic and sarcastic manner. Full of dishy sarcasm and cheerful prattle, he shows Bill around a magnificent mansion where Bill has been "invited" to stay for a spell...STRONG RECURRING

  • An intensely beautiful vampire? Wow who would've thought of that - big surprise there! The "magnificent mansion" reference may perhaps reveal where Bill has been taken after his abrupt kidnapping in the second season finale. Team Bill members may breathe a sigh of relief to know their favorite southern vampire is alive, but his fate is still unknown!

JESUS VELASQUEZ: An attractive Latino orderly in his 20s to 30s. We come to learn he is a gay, Latino, attractive orderly! He's feeding Ruby Jean at her care facility. As good-natured as he is handsome, he takes his demented patient's racist gibes in stride...VERY STRONG RECURRING POSSIBLE OPTION FOR SERIES REGULAR NEXT SEASON

  • Sookie book fans - any idea as to which book character (if any) this show character is based off of?

FRANKLIN MOTT: Male, 25-mid 40's and sexy, sexy, sexy. This tall, dark and handsome vampire seems to have an immediate and torrid connection to Tara, whom he meets in the local bar. He later rushes to Tara's aid when she faces down a couple of racist rednecks...VERY STRONG RECURRING

  • This character is directly based off of a Sookie book character we first met in Club Dead, the third book in the series. In the book Mott is a vampire and Tara's boyfriend of sorts. He is portrayed as having gray hair and a mustache. Sookie believes him to be an older man in his fifties or early sixties when he turned a vampire. She describes him as being “vigorous and very masculine” and having an Italian accent.

COOTER AKA "COOT": In his 30s, menacing, the ringleader of the F*ck You Crew, he and his biker thugs take turns stabbing Bill and feeding on him. Coot hates being told what to do...VERY STRONG RECURRING

  • Oh no! Bill is alive but certainly not well! However will he get out of this horrible mess? Will Sookie save Bill? Will Bill get out alive? More importantly - what will his hair look like in season 3??

JEN AND MISSY: These impressive young women in their early 20s, recent NYU grads who are both studying to become vets, wind up spending the night with Jason (Ryan Kwanten). Despite their attempts to get him in the mood, including making out with each other and agreeing to a threesome, they grow irritated by Jason's lack of enthusiasm, and then downright disturbed by his admission that when he looks at them, he sees bullet holes in their heads...GUEST STAR ROLES. Above the waist nudity required.

  • Ut oh - is Jason PTSDing all over Lafayette's clam chowder? Holy smokes!

YVETTA: Female, 20's, gorgeously hot Eastern European is Eric's (Alex Skaarsgard) new dancer at Fangtasia. She speaks Czechoslovakian with subtitles and knows how to work a stripper pole. She and Eric have a sexual relationship...2 lines, 3 scenes /POSSIBLE RECUR Actress must be able to dance and be comfortable with nudity.

  • Love scenes with Eric? I'm sure that right at this very moment plenty of actresses in Los Angeles are studying Czechoslovakian and figuring out how to work a stripper pole.

REVEREND DANIELS: Male, African American. The pastor at Lettie Mae's church, he tries to offer comfort to Tara, and suggests that all her hardships are part of God's plan to bring her back to her mother. He's a bit uncomfortable when Lettie Mae's hug goes on too long...GUEST STAR

  • Lettie Mae's hug going on too long? Perhaps what Lettie Mae said in season one episode seven still stands: "There may be snow on the mountaintop, but there's fire in the valley!"

OLIVIA This elderly woman in her 80s, who moves with the aid of a walker and also uses an oxygen tank, lives in a house in the middle of nowhere. She mistakes Bill for her son...GUEST STAR

  • Who could this be? The only elderly person from the Sookie books with a known relation to Bill was Caroline Bellefleur (Andy and Portia's grandmother). This doesn't sound like it could be Caroline.


WendyWatson said...

Dallas - whoever writes these casting calls was incredibly uninformed. There is no thing such as "Czechoslovakian," it's either Czech or Slovak. They are closely related but nonetheless different languages.

Lady Jane said...


Czechoslovakia was a sovereign state in Central Europe which existed from October 1918, when it declared its independence from the Austro-Hungarian Empire, until 1992. From 1939 to 1945 the state did not have de facto existence, due to its forced division and partial incorporation into Germany, but the Czech government-in-exile nevertheless continued to exist during this time period while Slovakia was independent from the Czech part. On 1 January 1993 Czechoslovakia peacefully split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

So maybe Yvetta was turned (if Vampire at all) from 1918-1939, or 1945-1992.

WendyWatson said...

Lady Jane:

Yvetta is a human, not a vampire.

I know what Czechoslovakia is/was, but nonetheless, there is no Czechoslovakian language.

Unknown said...

Seriously people are you discusing geography?!!!! Pleaseeeeeee this stripeer could be from mars for all I care!!!! I literally ate all the books in less than 2 weeks... it's a good thing Alan doesn't follow them word by word... it would be a bit boring to know exactly whats gonna happen... I can not wait for next season!!!!