Thursday, October 29, 2009

TV Throwdown: True Blood Vs. The Vampire Diaries


Which vampire show do we love to feast upon?

Ten years ago, when a kid dressed up as a vampire for Halloween, you could safely assume he or she might be posing as Dracula.

But today, there's no telling which blood-sucker might show up on doorsteps and at costume parties. Thanks to a host of television shows, books and movies, vampires are enjoying some time in the spotlight -- and not just on Oct. 31.

The latest vamps to join the TV viewer bloodlust are Stefan and Damon Salvatore, of The Vampire Diaries.

So how do the newest small screen vampires stack up to their predecessors on True Blood? We pitted them against each other in a TV Throwdown:

As vampires go, Bill Compton and Stefan Salvatore are both the "nice guys" of their species. TB's Bill is a gentleman, retaining his chivalrous nature from his human life nearly 200 years prior. For his love, Sookie, Bill opens car doors, plans romantic dinners and refuses to stray, even when women throw themselves at him.
Stefan has been trapped in a teenage body for nearly 150 years. And he's willing to go to the mat for his main squeeze, Elena, even if that means trying to kill his evil vampire brother, Damon. But Stefan also has a complex history/love triangle an ex-girlfriend and his brother, and it appears another one is forming. With sibling rivalry in the mix, Stefan has a more complex history and situation than Bill.
True Blood: 0
The Vampire Diaries: 1

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Rita said...

Well i will take both shows,True
Blood is still #1.