Friday, November 13, 2009

Andy sent us some great True Blood paper doll extras

Just wanted to let you know I made some more "extras" for my True Blood dolls. Just uploaded it, and there's fun stuff for Jason, Lafayette... And Bill (Of course). I gave Bill some cool shades to wear with those manly board shorts, as well as some horrific wigs to cover up that bad hair of his! LOL

Hope you and the rest of the Sookie fans like it, too.

HUGS! :) Andy

PS- I revamped my paper doll webpage, too. It's a bit easier to see each
character and the files available for each. *note that the "Extras" buttons
that are the same color download the same file* (so you only need to
download it once!)

TB Extras2 Copy


Andy said...

Awww... thanks for posting this, Dallas! XOXO

I'm doing my best to keep these dolls going even when the show is off the air.

Hint: I've got plans to do a WEREWOLF doll (aka my version of Alcide) before season three starts up. It's about time Sookie got another paper doll boyfriend, right? ;)

Rita said...

Nice set of duds for the dolls.