Friday, November 13, 2009

Good Job, True Blood Writers!

Bull Runnings does some nice research !

I was watching an older episode of HBO’s True Blood series in which Bill Compton, akaVampire Bill, was addressing a historical society. He mentioned that he served during the Civil War (remember, he’s a vampire) in the 28th Louisiana Infantry, formed in 1862 under a Colonel Gray. Later in the episode, he recalled making his way back home to Bon Temps, when he stopped by a cabin in the woods. The female occupant informed Bill, before turning him into a vampire of course, that her husband was a member of the 13th Louisiana and had fought at Shiloh under Colonel Gibson. What’s so cool about this? Well, other than Bill being a vampire and all, it’s historically accurate. The 28thwas raised in 1862 under Colonel Gray (keep in mind there were two 28th LA regiments), and the 13th did fight at Shiloh under Colonel Gibson (who I think was actually in command of his brigade there). Nice going, guys! Now, about the yellow trim on Bill’s uniform jacket…


Rita said...

The article was nice but it still did
not tell what the yellow trim was on
the jacket.