Monday, November 9, 2009

True Blood, the Musical: More great Season 3 hints from Alan Ball at Virginia Film Festival:

Thanks to Alainanoel-Wow, great stuff.

OK, here's a quick rundown of some things Alan Ball mentioned while reviewing ep. 4, Shake and Fingerpop.The cellphone that Jessica glamours from the limo driver is going to figure in season 3. Alan said to remember it. The cool travel coffins that Bill and Jessica traveled in are really for snowboards.

Ball is a big fan of the B'52's..he chose the song for the title of this ep. because the lead singer for the B'52's likes Junior Walker. He had nothing but praise for all the cast involved in this ep. Lots of admiration on Alan's part for them all.

Sookies house along with Lafayette's are located in Calabasas..I know the area well. Now this is cool..the song that plays at the closing credits and at Tara's birthday party is called "Dig" It was written and performed by none other than Alan Ball! He said they saved a lot of money by him doing it. His voice is synthesized. One of the extras at the party, (the heavy lady with the big boobs) is a porn actress and that the tatoo on her arm is of herself! Funny! Alan said that while we fans may have Team Bill and Team Eric things going, he's a Team Sam fan!

Now, possible season 3 spoilers which you may or may not have heard:
We will meet Alcide, the Weres and also Andys mother and sister should be appearing too. Jessica and Hoyt will have competing love interests..according to Alan it doesn't look good for them to be together. The new dancer in Fangtasia is human and will not only catch Eric's eye but maybe Pam's too! Somebody will die and not a guest appearing on the show. (I'm guessing Lorena but who knows!) Of course we know about Russell Edgington.Alan said that although Russell is a younger person in the books he just loves the actor who's going to portray him and doesn't care about the age thing. Lafayette may be getting a boyfriend and Sam is looking for his birth family, will find them and will make some very intersting discoveries about them.

Also, the story arc for season 3 is going to play out differently in that certain things will be solved before the end of the season. Alan did mention that the fans thought the Maryann story took too long to culminate and that they will be approaching the third season a little differently. Good news for us!

Of course Alan tried to fool us with some outrageous season 3 spoilers which had us all laughing. Season 3 will begin filming in early December. It takes about 13 days to shoot an episode..unheard of in television according to Alan. That's why we have such a great show! The thought and creativity that goes into this show is obvious and appreciated by us fans. It was a great session and I'm so glad I went!

The Hook blog also reviews the Virginia Film Festival and says of Alan Ball's presentation:

Sneak preview of True Blood’s next season– only some details are lies: Werewolves, somebody will die, Bill and Eric will sleep together, a musical episode, and one in which a tornado comes through and destroys the town are some of the tantalizing clues dropped by Ball.



Rose said...

I have been working on a screen play based on True Blood being a musical. Because the characters are so much bigger then life, it would play well.

Swear to God! Its sitting right here on my computer.

If this gets made without my incredible scenes and dialogue (at the end, Pam and Eric dancing in the empty parking lot of Fangtasia a slow waltz, timeless, like them)

I am going to do an Ophelia right into the Pacific Ocean.

Also, I was just reading a Screenwriting book about how this stuff happens all the time.

The great big creative subconscious.

How the hell do I get screenplays into Alan Balls and the rest of the writers hands?


Sharon said...

Hey Rita,

It says Eric's new dancer is a human like you thought!

Rita said...

Yes i thought that was what it said
but you never know,but just have a lot of Eric.

" Dallas " said...

I would love to read an excerpt of your musical. If Ball is like Charlaine they CANT read unsolicited material becasue they cant let ideas seep inot their own writing. You might be able to send it to his production office at

150 South Rodeo Drive
Beverly Hills CA 90212

True Blood
c/o HBO/Your Face Goes Here Entertainment
2500 Broadway
Suite 400
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Rose said...

Thank You so much, I am grateful. I would be happy to send an excerpt to you. I am in the middle of nanowrimo working on my own novel but am motivated to finish the musical.

Pam, opera or Peaches 'Boys Wanna Be Her'?