Saturday, December 26, 2009

Leaders In The Arts, "True Blood" Cast

This week’s choice for Leaders In The Arts is the television series “True Blood,” which has transformed the landscape for all TV shows today and in the future. Some series like the many awful reality shows have damaged the television industry. With soaps sliding into cancellation, so many crime and drama series making their debut every season, when Alan Ball signed on with HBO to create the series from the famous books everyone debated whether or not the series would be successful.

Two seasons later HBO and Alan Ball have created a cult classic. Actors like Anna Paquin, Alexander Skarsgard and Stephen Moyer have become huge stars because of their work on the vampire series. Other vampire shows are now popular and even though “Twilight” has much different vampire-types, “True Blood” stands alone in its creativity, individuality and great storylines. From evil maenads to vampires and shape-shifters, Alan Ball and his spectacular writing team simply doesn’t seem bored and their fans are certainly not.

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Lady Jane said...

what I picked up from this article is it says season 3 begins in July 2010, I thought it was June, anyone care to add what they know? Thanks.t

Rita said...

I read that to in another interview
either more episodes or story lines
as they were cutting it close last