Saturday, December 26, 2009

Things I’ve learned from vampires

Yup. Vampires. It was bound to happen. I’ve learned a lot of vampires in my years. This is a list of the most interesting, or most mind boggling, lessons from my time spent researching, reading, and watching vamp pop culture.

  1. Creeping up on girls in dark alley ways, subsequently stalking them, and watching them while they sleep is mind-numbingly sexy, and will make a woman fall madly in love with you.
  2. Being a vegetarian is more than a political statement or a dietary choice.
  3. You can travel super cheap by shipping yourself in a crate of dirt, but your meal choices won’t exactly be five star.
  4. Financial worries are for mere mortals/plebes, and you can easily integrate yourself into upper class society if you select the right clothing and mannerisms. Same with being a rock star.
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