Thursday, December 17, 2009

True Blood Season 3: Who are all these new people?

Movieline really helps get all the new casting straight

True Blood already has a ridiculously sprawling cast filled with vampires, shapeshifters, were-vampires, shape-wolves, and drunken hayseeds (the most dangerous of all!), but it seems like every day brings with it a new casting notice for Season 3. Who are all these new people? Who will they be playing? And most importantly, how naked will Alan Ball make them get? Here’s Movieline’s handy-dandy guide to help you make sense of it all:

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Rita said...

This is really a great cast and looking forward to the coming season,
is the pic of Alcide an old photo or
new,can't wait.

Andy said...

Yeah, this is a good run down of who's new this season. Looking forward to it. :)

GRiGGS said...

This should be interesting, can't wait for it! and the release of the 2nd season on dvd. ugh!