Thursday, December 17, 2009

TrueBlood : Let's talk about Eric having sexual relations

There are alway mixed reactions to True Blood pulling far away from Charlaine Harris's Sookie Stackhouse books- some time we love it and sometimes...well, not so much.

Here is my previous post called " The Women in Eric Northman's life " What do you think about this change ?

From BuddyTV
Eric Northman, played by Alexander Skarsgard, will be engaging in a sexual relationship with a new dancer at Fangtasia, according to Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello. His new squeeze is reportedly named Yvetta and will be portrayed by actress-model Natasha Alam.

Alam, who has been cast on True Blood in a potentially recurring capacity, is perhaps best known for her role on The Bold and the Beautiful as Ava. She will also be appearing in an upcoming episode of Drop Dead Gorgeous and in the movie 39.


Louisianagirl29 said...

We know that Eric slept with Dawn and maybe Ginger. In book two, Pam called Ginger to go to the master's office. We don't know much about this new character but I'm guessing that it's for sex and blood like the rest of them. You can't just have Sookie and Eric together, it's too early. When he and Sookie finally get together, it becomes more than just sex and blood. I can't wait to see it! Eric's not going to be a monk waiting for Sookie. Also, I was thinking that this woman could be Hallow in disguise!

beautifulbabyblues said...

Although I'm always excited to see A.S. without clothing...I hate how Alan Ball seems to go out of his way to stray from the books. IMO, the lives of the major characters should not be changed. I hate the idea of this character.

lafemmetopaz said...
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lafemmetopaz said...

I am excited to see how this new character will play out. 1)Will she be used to show Eric's prowess as a lover; 2)to ignite feelings of jealousy in Sookie and Lafayette, 3)Will she garner some true affection from the viking?

I said last season, I found it strange that Alan Ball had not shown Eric having a sexual liason in one of the chat sessions. I'm hoping the character will be a contrast to Sookie. Brunette(dark haired), more sophisicated, more worldly or european thinking, more free spirited. The character is described as being Eastern european. And I thought the character was suppose to be human.

It does not look Eric/Sookie are coming together for a while now, why not let the viking have want he wants.

Rita said...

I do not see her as Hallow i do see
her as just Eric biden his time maybe
till he gets Sookie.

Unknown said...

Why would it be a problem? He's 1000 years old. Given his personality, I hardly think he stayed chaste. And people are obviously eager to see both the actor and character naked.

Sharon said...

First, let me say she is lovely. Obviously Eric has sex and drinks from humans on a regular basis. It depends on how this is handled. Is it just that or are we talking "relationship" here?

If AB is following the books at least a bit more, those of you who have read "Club Dead" know Eric doesn't have all that much time to devote to sex with Yvetta. But it would not surprise me if AB just left Eric in Shreveport the whole episode, and cut to him and this lovely new bimbo as a sop to the fans.

I heard in an interview that they thought only about 5% of the watchers of the show had read the books. And from what I've read on the blogs, most of those would like him to stick to the books more closely. So who is he making happy by changing everything? Just himself, I guess. Certainly, not me.

lafemmetopaz said...

In response to Sharon, I've read the books but AB is flushing out the character's personalities differently than the books. Sookie in particular is different than book Sookie. This no reflection on Anna P as an actress, she is playing the character as Mr. Ball likes. AB has removed several "bonding" moments between Sookie and Eric and at this point, unless Sookie matures more and gets lots more life experiences under her belt, I don't think Mr. Ball's Sookie is a good match for Eric at this point.

Yet, I know lots of people want to see the books exactly played out on TV, yet on the other hand it leaves little room for surprises. So personally, even though I like Eric/Sookie in the book, I'm totally open to AB introducing a new love interest for Eric.

Layne said...

Interesting... I hope it has some tie into the plot and is not just sex and eye candy for the fans. It gets dull after a while. Jason during the first season and Maranne's orgy parties is a good example of over doing a good thing.

Sharon said...

I've got nothing against some gratuitous sex for Eric and they've chosen a very beautiful girl. And I know they have to add some stuff because a 300 page book is probably not enough to fill 12 hours of TV. And I could not agree more with what you said about Sookie's character as portrayed by AB. I, too, am hoping for more maturity from her. Another site I visit has referred to her as a "bipolar waitress" and it pretty much fits.

And, I'm also concerned that in the TV series she'll jump in bed with Alcide because the series is so heavily into sex and gore. But in the books all the little interchanges between her and Eric are what builds up to a "relationship". We'll just have to wait, and that's hard.

Jackie W said...

Okay let’s all take a step back, we are acting like she is a “love interest” not just a sex/blood buddy for Eric. I think we will get one sex scene between the two at the start of the season, and then Eric goes off to Jackson with Sookie. While he is gone Pam and the new girl become more than friends, remember Pam is a season regular this year, so we are going to see more of her, yippy! Eric doesn’t think much of humans but he is slowly becoming fascinated with Sookie because she is something other than human, because she is loyal and can kick ass in a pinch, as we will see this season.

lafemmetopaz said...

No one, at least from what I'm reading in the most recent posts are saying that she, Yvetta is the new love interest. She may or may not develop into that. The role is cast as "possibly recurring". I think it will depend on the chemistry between Natacha and Alex as to how this develops. We all know Lafayette was suppose to small role too and he was not to survive season 1. But, he's still going strong in season 3 :)

However, I did mention that I would like a new love interest for Eric, other than Sookie. At this point of the TV series, I'm not too keen with the current Sookie with Eric. I think Sookie needs to mature a heck of alot more to be an equal with Eric Northman. This is just my opinion and I understand that many if any are gonna agree with me on this.

In regards to Eric not thinking much of humans, Pam's view are the same if not worse.

Rita said...

OK!sure Eric is going to have sex
with others,i would like it to be with Sookie but that did not happen
until DTTW will not happen till then,
and he is not Bill either as he did not have sex with any one other than
Sookie just try to hold on until then
as AB said it will happen,as there
will be other story lines that have to come in.Just happy there is more
Eric and Pam.

Sonya said...

There's a reason I've decided to stop watching True Blood - and this illustrates perfectly why I really hate the show these days.

It was starting to ruin my enjoyment of the books. Not watching anymore will help me to get back to the greatness that is Charlaine Harris' story.

I'm sorry Alan Ball, but you're not as fantastic as you obviously think you are. All the things you introduced have been stupid. The only good things about the show were the things that stayed true to the essence of Charlaine Harris' characters and stories.

Some change is understandable, but complete and utter story massacre is just wrong.

Sonya said...

I should say that I really do understand book to screen adaptation - I studied it - but this particular adaptation has failed miserably. Ever since season one the show seems to just be making things up as it goes on. There's no rhyme or reason to most of the changes. Season two had so many loose ends and boring characters it was like the creators wrote themselves into a corner and didn't know where to go.

The real Sookie Stackhouse stories have enough characters and tangents - Alan Ball didn't need to introduce thousands more.

Sharon said...

S.N. I agree with much you've said. There's just one problem for me. I can't give up Alexander Skarsgard as Eric. I love the books and the Eric of the books. I have all nine books in paper and audio form. I keep all 9 books on my iPod for instant gratification. But the one good thing AB did for me was introduce me to AS. I'll come back just for him.

And I don't usually have HBO. I get it just for the 3 months of TB. The first season because I was so excited to see one of my favorite series in a TV show. The second season to see AS. And that's why I'll come back for season 3, etc. Most of the vampire parts have been acceptable to me. I fast-forwarded through the whole Maryann debacle after watching it once.

I'm looking forward to seeing what happens with the werewolves.

" Dallas " said...

Haha i guess I touched a nerve with that post

Yes to Dawn and Ginger ...

I do think it changes the Eric character a little -just seeing Eric feeding in a hotel bar was amazing. Eric's very old and doesn't need to feed that often and to do it that way was ..interesting.

I actually think she might be snarky to Sookie and be kind of like Bobby Burnham with disliking Sookie -which will be hilarious.

lafemmetopaz said...

I forgot about Bobby B. I guess we'll all have to wait and see.

Rita said...

I must say you do stir the pot some-
times,but it is all good and i for
one wouldn't have it any other way

Rita said...

I must say you do stir the pot some-
times,but it is all good and i for
one wouldn't have it any other way

Rita said...

Sorry it did it 2 times.