Sunday, January 10, 2010

Joe Manganiello talks One Tree Hill and True Blood on Podcast January 11

It is safe to say 2010 might just be the year of Joe Manganiello. Not only is he reprising his role as the bartender Owen on One Tree Hill, set to air in February, he also garnered the coveted role of Alcide the werewolf on season three of HBO’s hit series True Blood.

Manganiello is currently in Wilmington filming for One Tree Hill and then will head back to Los Angeles to begin filming True Blood in late January. He paused from his busy schedule to visit the One Tree Hill Podcast to share his news about returning to One Tree Hill and True Blood. He even gave a preview of his Mississippi accent he is trying to perfect for True Blood.

Check out Manganiello’s exclusive interview on the One Tree Hill Podcast January 11.


Rita said...

Can't wait for June and all the eye

Anonymous said...

I'll always be Team Sam or Team Eric, but I can't help but drool. *swoons* Bring it on!!!

Alex the Girl said...

Let's just hope that He pops up as much in True Blood as he does in the novels. My head is all ablur!