Sunday, January 10, 2010

Leaders In The Arts, Alan Ball The Man Who Saved HBO

HOLLYWOOD —This week our Leaders in the Art goes to the creator and producer of “True Blood.” Alan Ball has been credited with reviving HBO if not outright saving the network from a constant decline in the ratings. The “True Blood” fever pitch is strong not just in the U.S. but internationally. Each week I receive e-mails from fans in Australia, the UK and even Israel stating how much they love the show and the wonderful characters that Alan Ball has brought to the viewers.

Characters like Tara played by Rutina Wesley and Jason played by Ryan Kwanten may be supporting players, but you can count on Mr. Ball putting them front and center at some point every season and that’s what makes his style of writing and producing so accessible to his viewers. The man who is also known as a television genius seems to know his viewers and how to give them exactly what they want, and is able to see better than anyone in the entertainment industry how to excite viewers. Surely there are others, like Bradley P. Bell who helms “B&B” and filmmakers like Clint Eastwood, James Cameron and Henry Jaglom, who know their core audience and know just how to press every button to entertain, engage and tantalize their viewers with so many surprises they feel like it’s Christmas morning watching their shows and films.

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Rita said...

I love all the characters on the show
it really takes all of them to bring
the show to life,may be some times
some of the story lines are too long
for me and some are too short but
have to hand it to Ab and the other
writers and every one behind that
never gets seen,if it were not for all of them,there wouldn't be the
show that we the fan love so much.

Rita said...

With out Ms.CH's wonderful books
there would be no show.