Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Dozen Of The Sexiest Werewolves and the best werewolves In Film & TV

They havent seen our Alcide yet ...

If Frankenstein's monster represents man creating life without a woman and Dracula represents sleeping with a stranger, then the werewolf is no doubt the bestiality within man. We all have some form of a dark nature encoded in our genetic make-up, the beast within if you will. Even though Vampires seem to be all the rave nowadays, I was always a greater fan of the werewolf and find them sexier than those pale, angst ridden parasites. I can't really explain it and I'm sure my attraction to aggressive members of the opposite sex has something to do with it, but that's another story.

In celebration of the epic Benicio Del Toro vehicle The Wolfman, which resurrects one of Universal Pictures' classic movie monsters, I took a look at a dozen of the sexiest werewolves in movies and TV. This is not a list about the best werewolf movies ever made, but the werewolves themselves that I found memorable or in simple terms, sexy. The term animal magnetism can have several meanings for the werewolf and sometimes that power can leap right off the screen.

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and lets do it again with 411 and Anna as a werewolf
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