Thursday, February 11, 2010

True Blood vs The Vampire Diaries

From Pace Miller's blog - OH NO! but she makes the right choice-;-)

Thanks to Twilight, vampire books and TV series are everywhere now (well, they’ve always been around, but are finally being noticed).

I recently finished watching Season 2 of HBO’s True Blood, and I am up-to-date with Season 1 of CW’s The Vampire Diaries (13 eps). So which is better?

It’s hard to compare the two, despite their obvious similarities (ie vampires, small town, pretty young girl torn between two vampires (a good and a bad one), younger brother, black girl as best friend, etc). True Blood is hard core – blood and guts, f-bombs galore and uncensored nudity and sex. The Vampire Diaries, constrained by network requirements, is much more sanitised, but I have a feeling they are doing what they can to ‘push the boundaries’, so to speak.

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Rita said...

I love True Blood is the best,and then comes Vampire Diaries was not sure how i would like the series as
it is geared more for a younger
viewer,as it progresses i like it
more.Last night was the best so far.