Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Southern Gothic Brilliance Of True Blood

Who knew that regal southern gentlemen vampires and demure human ladies could make for the greatest show to hit HBO in quite some time? Getting geared up for a third season, fans are buzzing about what could possibly happen this time around. So far, the series has managed to make household names (and major crushes) out of random Swedish actors, revived Alan Ball’s relevance, and provided spin-off potential for everything from soda to new versions of the books that the series is based on in the first place.

There are a number of reasons that “True Blood” is one of the best things to hit satellite tv in quite some time. First, it manages to appeal to people looking for very different things in an HBO series. Those who want the fantastic and the slightly gloomy will be really into the vampire back story as well as the crumbling Gothic southern homes being filmed expertly by Alan Ball. Fans of camp and kitsch will love the show’s funnier moments, with a fast-talking and truly sassy gay drug dealer stealing every scene he’s in, and markedly hilarious exchanges between midlevel vampires and higher-up sheriffs. “True Blood” is also one of those shows where those who need to swoon at romance can do so right next to partners who are more interested in gory fights or more racy scenes of romance.

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