Saturday, March 27, 2010

Alan Ball to cast Holly Cleary

Merlotte’s is getting some new blood. True Blood is casting the role of…

HOLLY: A thirtysomething (presumably single) mother of two, Holly applies for a job at Merlotte’s and creeps Arlene out with her oddly prescient observations. Very strong recurring in season 3 with a possible series regular upgrade in season 4.
by Michael Ausiello

We first see Holly on pg 7 of Living Dead in Dallas when Lafayette's body is discovered in Andy's car.

Danielle Gray and Holly Cleary, the two waitresses on the morning shift, came through the back door laughing. Both divorced women in their mid-twenties, Danielle and Holly were lifelong friends who seemed to be quite happy working their jobs as long as they were together. Holly had a five-year-old son who was at kindergarten, and Danielle had a seven-year-old daughter and a boy too young for school, who stayed with Danielle's mother while Danielle was at Merlotte's. I would never be any closer to the two women—who, after all, were around my age—because they were careful to be sufficient unto themselves.
"What's the matter?" Danielle asked when she saw my face. Her own, narrow and freckled, became instantly worried.

"Why's Andy's car out front?" Holly asked. She'd dated Andy Bellefleur for a while, I recalled. Holly had short blond hair that hung around her face like wilted daisy petals, and the prettiest skin I'd ever seen. "He spend the night in it?"
"No," I said, "but someone else did."


Rita said...

Well i thought someone else would say something about Holly but have not.Yes she is a single mother of
one in the book,could not figure out
why AB is changing from one child
to two but maybe there will not be
Danielle hope she looks and acts like