Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dead in the Family 5 weeks from debut is #2 on Amazon Best sellers list

Amazon’s Top 5 Fantasy Bestsellers, March 27, 2010

Dead Witch Walking holds strong at number one, with Dead in the Family moving up to the number two slot. Changes, Book 12 in The Dresden Files series, moves Jim Butcher back into the top 5 list. Rounding out our top 5 this week are Breaking Dawn and a newcomer, Silver Borne.

  1. Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison
  2. Dead in the Family by Charlaine Harris
  3. Changes by Jim Butcher
  4. Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer
  5. Silver Borne by Patricia Briggs


Rita said...

Oh! this is great and can't wait till
Amazon sends me my book,and my hubby
ordered A Touch of Dead for me to
and got it yesterday.

Sharon said...

I'm really looking forward to Silver Borne and Changes also. Those are 2 of my favorite authors. I haven't decided about Dead With Walking yet. I'm on the 6th book in this series right now and can't decide if I want to continue or not.

And, of course, I'm really looking forward to Dead in the Family.