Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Reformed Vampire Support Group

Do you want to turn on a teenager to a good vampire book, one that's highly recommended and reviewed.
How about one that made YALSA Top 10 Best Book for Young Adults for 2010?
( this is a list by American Library Association )

Are you a teen vampire who has been permanently fifteen ever since you got fanged in 1973? Do you still live with your mother, who has continued to age, and is now in her 70’s? Does the thought and sight of blood make you feel physically sick, and does your diet consist of the blood of guinea pigs, which you can barely keep down without throwing it up soon afterwards? No? And you think you have problems coping as a teenager? Just think what sorts of problems you might have if you’d answered “Yes!” to the questions I just posed, and your name was Nina Harrison, of Australia. You would have to attend weekly meetings of a reformed vampire support group, like in Catherine Jinks’s highly entertaining, funny, suspenseful, and memorable novel, The Reformed Vampire Support Group.

Nina is stuck in a time warp, her bedroom staying much as it was the night she attended a party (including her having a poster of David Bowie on the wall), walked outside, and got fanged by a vampire named Casimir. Casimir is responsible for most of the vampires in Australia. He is also a member of Nina’s support group of vampires who fight the temptation to drink human blood.

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Unknown said...

I read this book awhile ago. Lots of amusing situations. I hope a sequal comes out.