Sunday, March 7, 2010

Vampire Diaries live from the Paley

7:04 PM - Tonight's archival clip is from the 2001 musical episode of "Buffy The Vampire Slayer." Hard to imagine "The Vampire Diaries" ever having Stefan and Damon break into song but Joss Whedon made it work so who knows!

7:08 PM - The Paley Center's Craig Hitchcock ushers in night seven of the festival and brings out TV Guide's Craig Tomashoff, who drops several vampire phrases in his depiction of the cultural phenomenon that is "The Vampire Diaries."

7:12 PM - After a few chuckles about how the show doesn't... wait for it... suck, Craig brings out series creator Kevin Williamson who doesn't waste any time in introducing the newest episode "A Few Good Men," which will air on March 25 on the CW. The audience isn't shy about showing their excitement to see the new episode.

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Rita said...

Well i was late in coming on to watch
but Dallas talked me into watching
the show and now i love it,the only
thing i didn't understand was why
they changed Elana's sister to a

" Dallas " said...

So we could see the wonderful Steve R. McQueen who I think is going to blossom into an excellent actor and one his granddad would be proud of ..


Rita said...

Dallas you are talking about the
Steve McQueen right? And who is the
grandson playing on Vampire Diaries?
That is what you are saying.

" Dallas " said...

yes Nina's brother is played by Steven R McQueen grandson of THE Steve McQueen and I think he will be an up and coming new actor in the future

Rita said...

Thanks Dallas!Can not wait for March
25th.for the show to start back.

linda said...

I enjoy the show and I actually at times get a good fright. The best part of the show is I have not read the books so I don't know what's going to happen.