Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Stephen Moyer: 'I'm banned from sunbathing'

Stephen Moyer has said that the producers of True Blood do not let him go out in the sun.

The Essex-born actor relocated to Los Angeles to play a vampire in the HBO supernatural drama.

Moyer told The Sun: "I couldn't wait to live by the beach and enjoy the weather, then they dye my hair and make me stay out of the sun. I was banned from sunbathing!"

Of the attention he receives from fans of the show, he continued: "I don't think my fans are more aggressive than Robert Pattinson's. You don't get much more aggressive than a virginal 14-year-old.

"But they grab you and think it's okay to touch you - girls, ladies and men. They want to be bitten and want you to break their skin. I have been sent underwear. A German woman sent me pictures of her naked on a white horse!"

Moyer added: "I haven't watched True Blood with my mom. It's too saucy. The opening sex scene in series two is pretty full on."


also The Sun HERE


Rita said...

Well health wise,his being banned
from the sun is a good thing to help him not get cancer,even if he doesn't
like it.And he is nice looking.