Tuesday, March 9, 2010

True Blood Spoilers – Brokeback Coffin?

The anticipation for True Blood season 3 is reaching the boiling point, and actor Sam Trammell, who plays Sam on the show, is stoking the fire. Trammell spoke with Rebecca Murray at the 2010 spirit awards, and the conversation quickly shifted to the rumored sex scene between ‘vampire’ Bill Compton and shape-shifter Sam. “I can’t say anything more than that… because people want to be surprised, but there is something that people will be talking about.” Trammell said.

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linda said...

Yes, bring it on. seeing my #1 man Bill and my #2 man Sam together *hot*. Brokeback Coffin, love it, Dallas.


Layne said...

Must be a dream scene. Poor Sam, he drank Bill's blood to recover quickly.

Besides there can be no "real" sex scene between the two. Bill will be the guest of the King of Mississippi.

linda said...

Layne I'm sure it will be a dream, and yes poor Sam, first Bill gets the girl he wants and now he may have sexy dreams about the guy...... will Sam ever get a break?