Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mariana " Lorena" Klaveno Talks True Blood, Drops Season 3 Hints

The hit HBO vampire drama True Blood doesn’t return with new episodes until June 13th, but fans can rest assured that the filming of Season 3 is already well underway, and the upcoming season will feature a number of new faces, as well as expanded roles for some of the previous seasons’ familiar faces.

One such familiar face is Mariana Klaveno, who plays Lorena, the vampire responsible for turning Sookie Stackhouse’s (Anna Paquin) vampire boyfriend Bill (Stephen Moyer), during the Civil War. Although she can’t give anything away, the actress did reveal that viewers will get to see more sides to Lorena and they’ll be seeing Bill in a whole new light.

In this exclusive interview with IESB, Mariana Klaveno talked about how grateful she is to be working with such an amazing cast and crew, and how much fun it is to play such a wicked, but still very well-dressed, vampire.

IESB: How did you get into acting? Was it just something you had always wanted to do?

Mariana: It was something that I just always wanted to do, as a really small child. I can’t pinpoint any specific experience or inspiration that initiated it, but for as long as I can remember, I just always wanted to. It’s a little odd, considering where I come from. No one in my family is even remotely related to the entertainment industry, at all. But, I used to think up screenplays in my head, even as a 6-year-old, and I would go off on my own and play out little scenes. It seems sort of previous and silly now, but I really did.

IESB: How did you go from the dream to the reality?

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Rita said...

You know she is really a good actress
i hope she goes far,and very good on
True Blood and i think she will die
in the 5th.or 6th.episode of this