Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sookie for a baby name ? OK..I guesss

Would you name your daughter after the telepathic waitress from True Blood?

According to Namipedia, Sookie is one the hottest growing baby names for 2010.

Also according to Namipedia

William in # 8 in United States 10# in Louisiania

Eric is #81 in United States 94# in Louisiania


Sharon said...

The name Sookie is not one I would have ever used. It sounds just like the way my uncle used to call up his cows. He was saying "soo cow" but it sounded just like Bill and his drawn out "Soookie". Makes me laugh every time. I really loved my uncle. I've lived in East Texas all my pretty long life, and I've never heard the name Sookie.