Saturday, April 24, 2010

True Blood and the drama behind " Bad Things " and the music for the opening credit

C.C. Adcock, a New Orleans Jazz Festival presented by Shell favorite, came very close to snagging the opening-credits music on the HBO series "True Blood."
The Saturday Creating Music for Film and Television at the Sync Up Conference, which is running parallel to the New Orleans Jazz Fest.

Gary Calamar, music supervisor for the show, told the story to a Sync Up Conference audience Saturday (April 24) at the New Orleans Museum of Art.

As fans of "True Blood" know, the series has one of the best opening-titles sequences currently on the tube.

Hypnotic visuals by Digital Kitchen.

Jace Everett's "Bad Things."


"Bad Things" was originally discovered by "True Blood" creator Alan Ball, but was considered just a temporary track as the opening titles sequence neared completion.

"It was a placeholder," Calamar said. "It was my job to find the song."

One of the songs seriously considered for the slot was Adcock's "Bleed 2 Feed," which Adcock had personally submitted for the production's consideration.

"He's a great musician and a great - I don't know if hustler is the right word -- hustler in the best sense of the word," Calamar said.

Alas, "Bad Things" won out.

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Emma B. said...

Bad things is way better. I can't imagine the opening credits without it!