Saturday, April 24, 2010

Vampire Wine

In plenty of vampire lore the description of a vampire tasting blood is similar to a mortal drinking wine. There is a fine bouquet that you find alluring — that first enchanting sip that rolls over your tongue whetting your appetite and the sensual experience of discovering the fusion of fruits, spices and exotic flavors.

It is an activity that needs to be savoured and relished. It takes a mature, evolved palate to really understand the intricacies of imbibing a glass of delectable wine. So it makes sense that true excellence would be produced by creatures that have been around for centuries, the vampires.

I discovered Vampire wine over a decade ago. Ever since then, whenever I have the opportunity to travel, I scour the liquor stores looking for this beloved, luscious, ambrosial liquid. Of course the packaging appeals to my gothic senses and I think the bottles are precious keepsakes, but that is not why I love to drink it. It is the best wine I have ever tasted but — no wonder — they have been making wine for ages. They are bound to do it perfectly.

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