Tuesday, May 4, 2010

OK I'd love to hear what you think of " Dead in the Family "

Please you guys post your first impressions and opinions , I'd love to hear what you have to say and all the other blog readers would like to hear tooo!

What's you favorite part ?
What's your favorite scene ?
What character fairs the best in the book ?
What was your biggest surprise ?
Best line in book ?
Disappointment ?


BillohBill said...

I read it fast, and need to read it again.

Favorite Part: Bill's visit with Caroline Bellefleur.

Scene: Not sure

Character that fairs best? Why Bill of course! Jason finding a girl with a brain.

Surprise: Judith. Can Bill be happy now?

Line: Not sure yet

Disappointment: The scene at Eric's house. How can the little "brother" inflict so much damage on Eric and Pam? That was kind of dumb and unbelievable.

I'll be reading again, slower this time.

What did you think Dallas?!?!

" Dallas " said...

Hey BoB !!
Dallas being famously NOT for either Bill or Eric LOVED the Bill story line and Yes, the visit with Caroline was THE best scene in the books and classic Charlaine !

Dreamlacer said...

You want to know what we think of "Dead and Gone" or "Dead In The Family"?

Shamila said...

What's you favorite part ?
When Sookie helps Bill to get better

What's your favorite scene ?
Visit w/Caroline

What character fairs the best in the book ?

What was your biggest surprise ?
Claude moving in with Sookie

Best line in book ?
not sure yet

Disappointment ?
That Bill wasn't featured more in the Book

halland said...

I read it fast too and will have to read it again like I have with every other book, but I thought it was great.

Favorite Part: Dermot killing Appius, Claude protecting Sookie, and Sookie drinking the drug at the Pack meeting.

Scene: I think Bill's visit with Mrs. Bellefluer and Sookie's visit with Judith and definitely when Sookie told Judith she had killed Lorena.

Character that fairs best: Bill because of reconnecting with Judith and now having the Bellefleur's know about their connection. Sookie & Eric because they seem to work more with each other as a couple and because Eric is free now and Sookie because she has Jason back and 2 more family members that love her.

Surprise: Sookie's more take charge attitude and practical thinking about who needs to die and her willingness to admit it.--I liked it!

Line: F**k A Zombie & Eric telling Sookie to "Look it up on the internet".

Disappointment: Amelia leaving, Victor not getting killed, and of course the ending coming too quickly.

Now a whole year until we find out more. I guess now it is re-runs until June and re-reading the books.

kayteadee said...

Favorite Part: Sookie at the were sit down when after she had taken the drug. That was very cool

Favorite Scene: It's a tie between Appius and Alexei appearing outside Sookie's window. (It was so well written, I felt jangly and anxious just like Sookie did.) and Pam and Sookie's car scene.

Character that fairs the best: Jason by far, with Dermot coming in second.

Surprise: Judith. Shepherd of Judea - Judith! That came out of nowhere but it was awesome.

Best line: F@ck a Zombie!

Disappointment: No word on Arlene's case. At all. And again with the attic!

Zamiel said...

What's you favorite part ? Hunter's visit

What's your favorite scene ? Claude walking in on Sookie with the phone LOL

What character fairs the best in the book ? Bill

What was your biggest surprise ? Sam dating the Were

Best line in book ? Nothing sticking out

Disappointment ? Judith (Yeah I'm big on Bill, and way too forgiving!)

As for a whole what did I think? That it didn't hold my attention as much as the previous 9, and I could take a break while reading. There were too many good threads that were left to fray, such as Victor, and the whole family thing made it way too predictable in my opinion. I don't mind a light book after something so heavy, but it seemed like it was WAY too light. I do wonder how much this has to do with the partial rewrite she had to do before finding the book's 'voice' plus all of the traveling she's done since True Blood went on the air.

I agree with BillohBill about Eric's "Brother" part being way too unbelievable. A new vamp versus three much older vamps, including his maker who should be able to MAKE him do what he wants... and one his own age PLUS a breather? That felt like a cop out to me.

don't get me wrong, I love the series, I just felt this book was half-butted...Sookie even said F-ing, despite how much she hates swearing, and no one batted an eye!