Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Penguin books interview with Charlaine Harris on Dead in the Family

Interview with Charlaine Harris on Dead in the Family

We left Sookie in a pretty sad place at the end of Dead and Gone, and I think all your readers are hoping that she will pull through her awful experiences and come back as the same spunky telepath we all love. Does she get any time to recuperate in Dead in the Family? What's in store for Sookie in this book?

Sookie goes through her physical recuperation at the beginning of the book, and I think she's recovering mentally through the book. But of course, life and death keep happening around her. Bless her heart.

To whose family, or families, does the title of Dead in the Family refer? Any surprises?

I certainly hope there are a lot of surprises. There are several families included in the story; Bill's family, Eric's family, Sookie's family. I think some of the family members will startle the readers.

Amelia, Sookie's roommate, who thinks more of her powers as a witch than perhaps she should, has a lot of fans. Can you tell us anything about her future?

Amelia, as the beginning of the book makes clear, is returning to New Orleans to try to restart her life there. She's left too many loose ends to stay in Bon Temps. She'll recur in Sookie's life.

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