Thursday, May 27, 2010

'True Blood' gets an infusion for Season 3: Werewolves

From USA Today- one of the first really good and interesting articles I've read about Season 3 !

LOS ANGELES — True Blood is getting new blood.

Werewolves, to be exact, will join the peculiar world of vampires, shape-shifters and mind readers who spice up the third-season HBO drama, returning June 13 (9 ET/PT).

"It's just another element added to the supernatural craziness of it all," says Anna Paquin, who plays the telepathic Sookie Stackhouse. "There's no way you can ever get bored on a show like this. When you think you've seen it all and done it all, something weirder and wilder comes out of the woodwork."

Weirder and wilder should provide an infusion of Oh! positive for an avid fan base that more than doubled during Blood's second season to 5 million viewers for each episode's first broadcast. Adding in replay, DVR and on-demand viewing, Blood ranks second only to The Sopranos among HBO series in total viewership.

The thirst for Blood may be unquenchable. Fan site reports more than four times as many visitors in the past 30 days as in the corresponding period in 2009.

Why do fans respond so strongly? "Part of us yearns for the muck of the primal," says series creator and executive producer Alan Ball. "We still have part of us that feels in awe of nature and all of the stuff that is bigger and scarier than us. ... I think True Blood has evolved into a show that can feed that desire, that incorporates fear, terror, sex and transcendent behavior in a way that's really entertaining and funny at the same time."

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Rita said...

I think this season is going to be the
best and will not have Maryann in it,
can't wait to see the werewolves and all
our gang.

" Dallas " said...

well we all know like the cast Dallas is very very excited about the wolf actors!

Sharon said...

I'm really glad they are using real wolves instead of those CGI ones like Twilight did. I haven't seen it, but I saw the commercials on TV.

Rita said...

Dallas! i think that you are one of three
things:were,fairy,or shifter,have a nice
day Dallas!

" Dallas " said...

Thanks any one is a compliment!

Rita said...

Dallas! i have been thinking because you are 90yrs.old i'm saying you are a fairy.