Thursday, May 27, 2010

‘True Blood’ Season 2 Blu-ray and Social Media

A little more on the social media value built into the new Blu-ray version of True Blood Season 2

HBO Video’s May 25th release of True Blood: The Complete Second Season isn’t the first Blu-ray Disc to include Facebook and Twitter features. But it may be the best.

The discs allow users to post to Twitter and Facebook in real-time while watching episodes and even select certain scenes to post to Facebook. Conversely, up-to-the-minute “True Blood” Facebook page and Twitter news can be fed into the discs while fans are watching.

“Our ‘True Blood’ fans are so active on Facebook that it made a lot of sense to connect BD Live to Facebook,” said Sofia Chang, SVP of marketing for HBO Video. “By providing such a robust experience as we did on ‘True Blood’ Live Feed, we engage those fans on a deeper and personalized level while simultaneously allowing them to share it all with their friends.”

Additionally, the more a fan watches the season, the more easter eggs and virtual gifts they can earn.

There’s more: While watching the series, users can decide which “True Blood” group they wish to join, including Vampire, Fellowship of the Sun and Follower of Dionysus. The viewing experience is then tailored to that group.

Lastly, hardcore fans can use a picture of themselves that can be transformed based on the “True Blood” group they select. For those that choose Vampire, the more they watch, the more pale (and bloody) the picture gets.

Blu-ray exclusive features:
-Character Perspectives: Learn more about what's going on straight from the mouths of Hoyt, Pam, Karl, and Steve Newlin
-Flashback/Flash Forward: Move through time in the world of Bon Temps. Flashback to relive pivotal moments or Flash Forward to reveal the significance of a certain scene
-Pro/Anti-Vampire Feeds: Receive news updates and information from both organizations throughout the episode and decide which camp you support
-Hints/FYI: Don't miss a beat with these FYI trivia facts and show hints and clues
Also includes:
-The Vampire Report (Special Edition): Check out the past year's biggest stories in vampire news, politics, and popular culture in the special edition of The Perspective with Victoria Davis
-Fellowship of the Sun: Reflections of Light: Rules to live by with Fellowship of the Sun leaders Steve and Sarah Newlin
-Seven audio commentaries with the cast and crew, including Alan Ball, Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Michelle Forbes, Alexander Skarsgard, Rutina Wesley, Ryan Kwanten, Sam Trammell, and many more