Wednesday, June 16, 2010

“Blood Work!” 3.1: Some Weres Over the Rainbow

The wait is ovah!
Yes, our Blood Work! vlog is back to cover all the ins and outs (and ins-and-outs) of the third season of True Blood. Back are popular features like “We Wanna Do Bad Things With You” and “Whatever, Sookie!” and we’re introducing a few new ones. Plus, we of course deliver all the mistreatment of cats, senseless asides and well-choreographed slap-fighting that you have come to know and love.
Enjoy it all, after the jump. And don’t forget to leave your questions for the new Wolf Bag feature in the comments!


Rita said...

Oh!i really enjoyed this both are so crazy,but i have to disagree with Brian
it was a 10.

flgirl said...

awww...they didn't mention Eric's butt shot! Now that was a '10'!

Rita said...

Well you have to remember they are for

TeamEricSookie said...

It's so much fun having Andy & Brian back to view the TB epis again. Even if they don't care much for Eric, I still enjoy their reviews.

Since they didn't mention the Sheriff's butt shot, I'll say, "That's some fine derriere!!"


linda said...

Welcome back guys!
Andy love your Bill 'burns.
Staking points. haha
I look forward to your vlog weekly.