Wednesday, June 16, 2010

True Blood on the set filming of Season 3 finale

see them here :


Rita said...

I have seen the pics. Alex really looks
like he has bee run through the mill,but
i want to know about episode 11 we have not heard any thing about it or who they are going to cast for it think it is a bit strange.

Rita said...

Now the double for Alex is not bad looking.

TeamEricSookie said...

WTH is going on in those pics? No wonder we saw a casting call where Eric was preparing his last will and testament. Things are looking very ugly for the Sheriff of Area 5. How will the cliffy for Season 3 end? Hmmmm...these pics really have me baffled.


Emma B. said...

I'm thinking that they're filming the time Eric spent with Godric... Hah, that's pretty obvious, isn't it?