Sunday, June 13, 2010

Racine's own Kristin Bauer is back for blood :Her vampire Pam figures big in new 'True Blood' season

I love when their home town papers write about the True Blood stars

She's still dressed to kill - and kill she will.
"I can rip your throat out if I need to when I need to. . . .  You pickin' up what I'm puttin' down?" says vampire vixen Pam into the ear of an unlucky human in HBO's "True Blood."
This snippet from Season 3 with Wisconsin native Kristin Bauer as the ruthless-but-stunning bloodsucker offers just a droplet of what's in store this year for the vampire drama.
Sunday night's premiere will set the tone for a season that creator Alan Ball said in an HBO preview is all about identity.
Oh - and the requisite "sex and blood and rock and roll."
Bauer's menacing-cool Pam is in the thick of the coagulating drama.
There's the scene in which fiercely loyal Pam is accused of blasphemy and anarchy by a higher-ranking vampire, and - what!? - is that Pam being tortured? She's seen testing the limits of her rank with hunky vampire boss Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard). And of course, there's Pam seducing a naked woman and playfully challenging Eric for the attentions of a bombshell dancer at her vampire club Fangtasia.
Let's just call this the Season of Pam. Even the show's Oscar-winning star Anna Paquin agrees.
When asked whom her character, Sookie Stackhouse, should end up with - Bill (Stephen Moyer) or Eric - Paquin didn't hesitate a bit in the preview show: "Pam."
We caught up with this former Racine resident, who is busy shooting "True Blood" and working on animal rights causes, on the eve of last week's Season 3 premiere in Los Angeles:
Q. It's been a long hiatus for "True Blood" fans. How are the residents - living and dead - of Bon Temps, the fictional Louisiana base of the series?
A. I have very little idea about the living in Bon Temps, but the dead are lively as hell - causing trouble, dealing with politics and avoiding the true death.

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