Sunday, June 13, 2010

True Blood Trivia With Dallas : Club Dead

I always tweet some nightly trivia in the weeks leading up to a new season of True Blood. These are the Trivia Tweets from the past two weeks you can enter your answers by using the form at the every bottom of this page or send me an email with your answers.

Email: "Dallas" @ True Blood in Dallas

There will be prizes.

What kind and color of tattooing does Chow Have?

What car part did Sookie just have replaced and Bonus: what was the mechanics name?

What are the three rules posted on the wall of Club Dead?

What board game do Sookie & Alcide play ? Bonus: What was the score?

What kind of get-away car does Eric arrange for Sookie ?

Where did Sookie and Alcide bury the dead were ?

What does Alcide point out to Sookie on the capitol dome ?

What does Sookie make Alcide for breakfast ? Bonus - how does he like his eggs cooked ?

Where did Alcide go to college ?

Sookie had once before visited Jackson, MS with who did she go ? Bonus where did she eat ?

What Christmas present does Sookie have in layaway at the Sears in Monroe? Bonus: Who is the present for?

In Club Dead what does Sookie say had been the going price for one vial of "V" the last year?