Friday, July 9, 2010

Alan Ball and his writing team on 'True Blood' celebrated Emmy nomination with Starbucks

La Times Blog

"True Blood" is done with Season Three, so when the news came down that the HBO vampire drama had earned its first nomination for outstanding drama, the writers were all alone.

"We're breaking Season 4, so I'm with the writers and we had a celebratory round of Starbucks," said creator and executive producer Alan Ball. "It's such a great time for television right now. There are so many great, amazing television series on. To be considered part of that by your peers is really gratifying."

Ball said he didn't even know the nominations were being announced Thursday, so he wasn't prepared for the onslaught of good wishes.

"I have such a tunnel-vision life," he said. "If I'm not working on the show, I'm home reading or walking my dogs in the canyon. I did not even know it was happening today, and it's a good thing because I probably would have been all nervous. When I woke up and there were a gazillion messages, it was a fantastic surprise."