Friday, July 9, 2010

True Blood's Mariana Klaveno on That Sex Scene and How J.J. Abrams Made it Possible

There wasn’t a new episode of True Blood last Sunday, but then again, you probably needed that downtime to decompress from the previous episode’s insane final scene. On a show that commingles sex and violence as a general rule, that last encounter between Bill (Stephen Moyer) and Lorena (Mariana Klaveno) may have shredded the envelope: testing the limits of vampire-on-vampire hate-sex, Bill twisted Lorena’s head completely around between thrusts — and true to Lorena’s malevolent nature, she loved it.
Did Klaveno feel the same way about having to shoot it, though? With True Blood resuming its run this weekend, she called up Movieline to discuss exactly how they made it work, why Lorena just can’t get over Bill, and how J.J. Abrams is inadvertently responsible.
So you had a very, shall we say, “head-turning” scene in episode three?
You could say that. You could say “twisted.”
I’m sure you’re going to hear all of those jokes.
We were making them on the day of filming, trust me.

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