Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Stephen Moyer Injured On ‘True Blood’ Set

True Blood star Stephen Moyer suffered further damage to his already-injured knee during filming on the TV hit earlier this year when was thrown off a horse in a stunt scene gone wrong.
The actor was forced to halt filming on an episode of the vampire show's third season after he was thrown to the ground and landed on his knee. The joint was already fragile from a previous injury - Moyer underwent surgery for a torn meniscus last October.
He explains, "I had an accident on this season of True Blood. I rode behind a stuntman and the horses didn't want us there and we were in this forest. I came off and he came off and the horse went back and I landed on this two-foot square piece of concrete and it's the only piece of concrete in the whole forest - straight on my knee."
However, Moyer has assured fans he's fully recovered, adding of the initial pain, "Yeah, it hurt."

**This is the only scene so far in the season where we see SM on a horse with a stunt man ( RE)