Wednesday, July 14, 2010

True Blood ties your vampire ass to the toilet and flushes

Team """' Talk Blood"  Member Meredith Woerner writes about this week's True Blood episode " 9 Crimes"  You can hear us talking with her Sunday night by clicking on the Blogtalk link on the right .

The insanity of the last episode was pretty difficult to follow. But when you tape a character to a toilet, put Sookie incognito, and then introduce another half-naked girl, you're building yet another classic episode of True Blood.

Pro: The were-bear is shirtless again. I say Bear, as in he appeals to a certain taste of menfolk and myself. He doesn't actually turn into a bear, that's ridiculous. He turns into a wolf.
Con: Sookie decides to snark at Alcide's living conditions because he hasn't bought new furniture since his breakup. Meanwhile her home is still caked in dirt and raw meat from the all-night black-eyed orgies. Glass, shit-covered houses, Sookie

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Rita said...

Loved her rich assessment of Sunday nights
epsoide and i agree with her,i could also do with out a lot of the Sam family story
line,am so ready for Lorena to die and Sophie Ann gone to,i guess i am ok with
the other story lines right now,remember i said right now.

Sharon said...

My main disagreement with the assessment was giving a con to the dream scene of Eric's. I thought it was great and very touching to be Eric's dream.

But I could certainly agree with the cons for the scenes with Sam's family and with Tara. I also don't like Franklin Mott at all. He gives me the creeps.