Tuesday, July 13, 2010

‘True Blood’ adds panthers to the cast

HollywoodNews.com: SPOILER: Move over “True Blood” werewolves, here comes the panthers.
Per TV Guide, “True Blood” is introducing a panther character. One was spotted on the set and is scheduled to make its debut in mid-August.
Apparently, the panther character is connected to Sookie Stackhouse’s (Anna Paquin) brother Jason (Ryan Kwanten). In the Charlaine Harris’ novel “The Southern Vampire Mysteries,” which “True Blood” is adapted from, there is a moment when Jason morphs into a werepanther.
“I’ve been working with the panthers and they’re a lot cooler than the wolves,” exclaims Kwanten.
Alan Ball’s only acknowledgement of the panthers has been, “We have shot some scene with actual panthers in the same way we have shot with actual wolves.”

** don't tell me how wrong this is - I know ! ;-(
Of course, Jason is " infected " as a were in bk 4 Dead to the World" there IS NO book called " the southern vampire mysteries" .


Rita said...

This is going to be so good can not wait
to see Jason turn into a panther.

" Dallas " said...

You know Dallas LOVES any time there are animal actors -this is so much better than CGI crap

Anonymous said...

I really hope they're not using black leopards as 'panthers' in the TV show, since in the books 'panthers' are in fact mountain lions a.k.a. cougars. Not the same thing at all. CH is very clear on what animal it concerns in book 4. Cougars are sometimes known as 'panthers' in the south of the USA.