Tuesday, July 13, 2010

“True Blood” Sucker Punch: Season 3, Ep. 4

Ring ring, hooker. Ring, ring. It’s your Sucker Punch calling, so pick up the damn phone.

This week’s installment, “9 Crimes,” features many delights, like Lafayette’s flawless telephone greeting, but the real story just might be Destiny-Camilla-Anne. You know, the stripper whom Bill “procures” and then devours in the back of a limo with Crazy Lorena & The Mississippi King.
When Bill glamours our young dancer in a topless bar, she says, “I know the truth about love. It’s a hell I’ll never get out of alive.” And damn if that’s not a valuable tool for examining this entire season.
See, I’ve been talking about the show’s fixation on power and weakness, but this episode makes me see another dominant theme: The unavoidable sacrifice of love.
In one way or another, almost every character is sacrificing something in order to obtain or protect a loved one. The sacrifice is not always noble and the love is not always pre, but the underlying motivations are the same.

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Rita said...

I have to agree with Mark about love and
what people do to save the love they feel
for some one or to protect the one they
love,some times it will make since and
some times not.

Brandy and the Boys said...

i love poster that you have with this post - is it from hbo?