Thursday, July 22, 2010

True Blood: Bill's Top Pick-Up Lines to Score with Sookie

1. ) Sookie, what are you?
Bill is not quite sure if Sookie is human.
2. ) Sookie, I am not human!
Bill is certain that he is not human.
3. ) Sookie, I am vampire!
Bill is a vampire and sucks blood but he’d prefer to be human.
4. ) Sookie, drink my blood to heal!
Bill can save people with his blood, but he only wants to save Sookie.
5. ) Sookie, may I call on you?
Bill is an old-school gentleman who asks to call on a lady but never booty calls on them.
6. ) Sookie, stay in the car!
Bill wants Sookie to be safe by remaining inside a vehicle.
7. ) Sookie, stay in the house!
Bill wants Sookie to be safe by remaining inside a building.
8. ) Sookie, stay away from Eric!
Bill doesn’t want Sookie to be near another Vampire. Especially one who is 1000 years old, outrageously sexy and as charismatic as Eric. {yummy}
9. ) Sookie, will you marry me?
Bill believes in monogamy and wants Sookie to bathe in it with him for all time. If she agrees to this bond, with coffin dodger Bill, they will continue having tons of sex which includes a lot of suckage.
10. ) Sookie is Mine!
Bill says this when Sookie is within earshot. Sookie loves it. Only Bill can drink from Sookie’s smooth skinned neck. And hey, that’s romantic! Isn’t it?


linda said...

#5 worked on me and that's where I got my TB name, callonmebill.