Friday, August 20, 2010

Charlaine Harris new blog posts " Sookie book 11" and some great read recommendations

Bring on the Zombies !

Save up your Amazon or Barnes and Noble coupons, or pay a trip to your independent store, the first week in September when Dust hits the shelves. Joan Frances Turner’s novel is the most original thing I’ve read this year; it’s a zombie novel from the POV of the zombie, and it’s utterly convincing. Jessie, the dead girl, is a former vegan. Now she’s a member of a ragged, rotting gang led by the cruel and twisted Teresa. Jessie is smarter than some of the gang and more ruthless than others, and she’s bitterly conscious of the loathing with which the still-breathing regard her. There’s nothing forgiving or soft in Dust, and it’s completely engrossing.

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