Friday, August 20, 2010

EXCLUSIVE: True Blood's Lauren Bowles Talks Holly Clearly and Season 3 Finale

True Blood has become a phenomenon over the course of three seasons on HBO. The show only has two more episodes left before season three comes to its shocking conclusion on September 12th with Episode 3.12: Evil is Going On. But before that happens, there's quite a bit more story to tell. Much of which centers around new cast addition Lauren Bowles, who plays Holly Clearly, a single mother and burgeoning Wiccan that has recently joined the wait staff at Merlotte's.

Though important to the ongoing storyline that will take us through the season ending climax and into season four, Lauren is contractually shackled and committed to silence on the subject matter of all things True Blood. She can't tell us too much about Holly Clearly and her intentions. But we did get her to reflect on Holly's known relationship with Hoyt Fortenberry (Jim Parrack), where her friendship with Arlene Fowler (Carrie Preston) might be headed, and what exactly is happening with season four and its recently announced villain Hallow Stonebrook.

Here is our conversation:

You can't throw a stick in Los Angeles without hitting a waitress that is a practicing Wiccan. Were you aware that there were so many in the area, waiting tables?

Lauren Bowles: I had no clue. I didn't realize it was tied to that profession. However, I do know that Wicca is tied to a bunch of funky new religions that are popping up. I know there is much interest in the Wiccan world. My guess is that there are lots of hostesses, and lots of trainers practicing it.

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Anonymous said...

After MaryAnn I just don't trust Hollie.
All of a sudden, she's everyone's friend. I also do not trust Alan Ball to create a character that is the same as the books.

After Calvin Norris and Sophie Ann I feel like AB will not just create a simple wiccan or witch.