Friday, August 27, 2010

Sookie Stackhouse, the Self-Educated Vampire's Girlfriend

ummm ..Jason went to college,  its not that they are uneducated family. Sookie cant be in a classroom as she is too distracted by all the minds talking. I will say as the books has progressed --she is more in control ( she credits Bill) maybe she could take online courses from Renard Parish Junio College ??

I was talking to a Very Dear Friend Who Shall Remain Nameless To Protect Her Pleasure Reading Habits recently about the Southern Vampire mysteries, on which True Blood is based. One of the things we agreed on that we really liked about the books is that the main character, the tough-but-adorable Sookie Stackhouse, is self-educated. Given that Sookie is supernatural herself, and rather lusciously attractive to a range of smokin' vampires and shape-shifters, that's perhaps not the thing that should most make her stand out, but it's an oddly appealing characteristic.

Sookie is, for those not in the know (but not remotely a spoiler), a telepath. Charlaine Harris, to her credit, treats this extremely sensibly (something she actually does well with most of her supernatural creations). Sookie works as a barmaid, because the job only requires so much attention, and it's awfully hard to concentrate when other people's thoughts keep running through your consciousness like radio stations coming in and out of tune. She couldn't swing college, because trying to nail down coursework when you're surrounded by insane adolescents newly turned on to independence was, um, distracting. She doesn't have a lot of money, so she doesn't really travel. As a result, what Sookie knows about the world, she basically learned herself.

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Rita said...

Well this is the real world and not every one goes to college some times people just
have to teach themselves and that is what
makes reading about Sookie real.