Friday, August 27, 2010

'True Blood' Star Rutina Wesley Talks Emmys, the Big Finale & Celeb Perks (VIDEO)

As Sookie Stackhouse's best friend Tara on 'True Blood,' Rutina Wesley has seen it all -- her alcoholic mom losing her mind, her pal falling for a vampire, the love of her life getting killed while the whole town was under the influence of a crazy maenad. You know, the usual.

With only two episodes left in this third rollercoaster of a season, Wesley laughed about Tara's situation -- "she's been sort of out of her mind!" -- but agrees with fans that it'd be nice for Tara to get stronger, and maybe even find love again. So what did she dish about the big season finale? "Fun" and "bloody" were two adjectives, if that gives you any indication.

see video here 


Rita said...

While we already know it will be fun and
bloody,it will also be wild,so be ready.