Thursday, September 9, 2010

Club Dead book review: A drama with love, betrayal and vampires

Book Review Charlaine Harris picks up with Sookie's traumatic story in Club Dead. Not quite a romance novel, The Sookie Stackhouse Series depicts Sookie's life since vampires entered it as one of abuse and misfortune. In this third book, Bill and Sookie are still an item until Bill mysteriously disappears, leaving Sookie confused and alone in Bon Temps.
Bill's disappearance sends Sookie on a journey to find out where he's gone. She heads into the Fangtasia, the well-known vampire bar, to engage Eric Northman as her champion in finding Bill. She doesn't get the response that she expects when Eric questions her why she should want to find a man she knows nothing about, one who has been lying to her about his reason for knowing her. Eric drops a bomb on Sookie by telling her Bill is not kidnapped. Eric takes a moment to remind Sookie how interested he is in becoming her second lover in her life before dropping the bomb that Bill is in Mississippi with his maker Lorena.