Thursday, September 9, 2010

Vampire Diaries tonight !

* First thing's first - this episode is hot. Between Katherine's fashion choices, a good long look at Wesley's abs, and one of the most sizzling make-out scenes I've ever witnessed on screen, I'm expecting a run on cold showers around 9 p.m. EST tomorrow.
* When Vicki died in the first season, we learned that nobody on this show is safe. Keep that in mind. If there's anything I know about "The Vampire Diaries," it's that if you think things are going to be okay... you're wrong.
* Two characters will share a first kiss.
* Somerhalder and I spoke over the summer about how much he hates Damon's most vulnerable moments. Let's just say he must have really, really, really hated one of the scenes in this episode. Really.
* Stefan's protective instincts will emerge in a way they never have before. You wouldn't like him when he's angry.
* Someone will do something unforgivable.
* Tyler's rage will reach a new level. I gasped out loud during one particularly charged scene.
* What you won't see: Alaric. Matt Davis is absent from this episode, but with so much action packed into it, you probably won't miss him... much. This doesn't foreshadow his presence throughout the season, though. I hear that Alaric's storylines will still be essential to the plot, and he and Damon will become even more entangled as they try to find answers.

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Rita said...

You know this is one of the best shows
on regular cable,i do have a few others.

Rita said...

Well i was not disappointed with to nights
episode,this season is only going to get