Friday, September 10, 2010

Dallas Morning News -Sunday's finales

This does not make this Dallas very happy.....True Blood, HBO's contribution to vampire-mania, introduced werewolves to the bloodsucking mix this season. With shape-shifters like Sam and now the revelation of Sookie's true identity as a fairy (or faerie), it's quite a hodgepodge of supernatural creatures. Perhaps a mummy riding a unicorn can trot through the show.
Neither the writing nor the acting on True Blood is very good. It's an after-dark soap opera with nudity and gore. (The CW's Vampire Diaries is proving you don't need either to make a great vampire-centric TV show.) In tonight's "Evil Is Going On," Sookie "contemplates a life free of vampires," but at this point, I'm just considering TV viewing free of True Blood.

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Rita said...

I am sorry but i don't think you know your
a** from a hole in the ground,and would not know a good show if it bit you.

Dreamlacer said...

One person's opinion. What really matters are the opinions of the millions of TrueBlood fans throughout the world.

Anonymous said...

if that's their opinion then oh well screw emm True Blood has a great fan base, I don't watch Vampire Diaries I feel like I am cheating on True Blood lol.

Anonymous said...

This person strikes me as being an idiot or at least very careless about what they write. I doubt he/she has any background in creating film or television.

I think I value what Alan Ball's opinion a lot more than this nobody.